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Comics Station

Antwerpen, Belgium

"Comics Station", an indoor amusement park at the end of Antwerp's train station, is about Belgian comic characters. Buy your tickets in the shop, then…

Zoo Antwerpen

Antwerpen, Belgium

The "Zoo Antwerpen", located next to the Antwerp train station, is a zoo where you can discover many animals: koalas, elephants, hippos, monkeys, lions…

BIOPARC Zoo Doué la Fontaine

Doué la Fontaine, France

"Zoo Bioparc Doué la Fontaine" is a more than remarkable zoo. The zoo is completely buried in the rocks and is divided into two parts, yes, there…


Gondorf, Germany

Eifelpark, located in the village of Gondorf in Germany, is an amusement park with a wildlife park. You are close to the Belgian border, but here you…

Zoo de la Flèche

La Flèche, France

"Zoo de la Flèche" is a well-known zoo in France because this zoo has had its own television program for years. When you walk in the zoo you enter…

Terre de Singes

Lumigny, France

The monkey park "Terre de Singes" is a recent animal park, located next to "Parc des Félins". The director of "Parc des Félins" has invested…


Dolancourt, France

The amusement park "Nigloland", located in Dolancourt (France), was founded in 1987 by two brothers who were fairground people. "Niglo" means in the Roma…

Holiday Park Pfalz

Hassloch/Pfalz, Germany

"Holiday Park Pfalz" in Hassloch, or in other words “Plopsaland Germany”, is an amusement park that is known worldwide thanks to the roller…

Themeparkzoo TV Channel

Sanctuary De Zonnegloed (Belgium)

Themeparkzoo visits "Sanctuary De Zonnegloed" - Vleteren (Belgium)

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